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Video: Team Reel Adventures @The Outdoor Line Billfish Bonanza


2011 Billfish Bonanza

Me and the Methow

Aly Stevens with a beautiful fly rod caught Methow Steelhead

Me and the Methow

By John Whitlatch

Reel Adventures World Class Salmon and Trout Guides

          Almost 1 year ago I heard a rumor that seemed to ring familiar to me. It was a rumor like many others about a far off obscure river full of bristling . . . → Read More: Me and the Methow

Centerpinning 101 by: Ray Gombiski

This a great article about Ray’s experience learning to “Pin” with me on the Methow. It can be found on ESPN Radios “The Outdoor Line” website or simply follow the link below. And while you are there check out their hosted trips, the boys at the Outdoor line rock and I am signed up for the . . . → Read More: Centerpinning 101 by: Ray Gombiski

Scratching the Itch (Somewhere in Mexico?)


Scratchin’ the Itch

Stripes and Spots

Aly properly displaying a very large Rainbow Trout

Stripes and Spots

          Two words cross my mind on daily basis, stripes and spots.  These unmistakable markings make Rainbow Trout revered by sport fishermen around the world, yet their not-so-creative name gives me fits. Like your trusty and loyal Labrador retriever is consumed by a tennis ball, I am consumed by visions of . . . → Read More: Stripes and Spots